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Eunice: Quilting & Applique & Leaded Glass

Gillian: Spin & Weave

JaM: Spin & Weave

Jone: Handknit

Jude: Crochet

Katee Lee: Paintings

Roy: Rocking Horses

Melissa's Journal
Focus on Fibres 2002
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Southern Cross Creations

Links to creative people around the world.

Bear's Art, Essays and Music - castings in bronze and other metals, principally gold and silver alloys; enamel on gold.
Belle's Reality - stuck in Mississippi. Her site features Charles Bazzell stained glass, jewelry and lamps as well as work by folk artist Alice Moseley.
Hand Spinners - the art of fiber - Fabulous, free, online magazine with articles on dyeing - spinning - weaving - knitting - felting.
Jackie Bird's Wardrobe - Set & Fashion Stylists; Character Costumes; Theatre/Film/TV/Stills; Couturier Services; Standby. Located in Far North Queensland.
Kamadragon Productions - musical magic by Cameron Ferguson
Life At the Edge - the Windgrove Journal by Tasmanian sculptor Peter Adams
Rosie McGee - photographer, world traveler, storyteller - and my friend since rock n roll days of the 60s. Currently living on the north rim of the Grand Canyon.
Sarah's Mostly Knitting Weblog - by Australian spinner, dyer, knitter. Patterns and tips.
Vevkroken - Signe Trengereid, Norwegian weaver. Linen and wool.
Walsh River Community Centre - Interviews and photos of members and events in remote, rural community in Far North Queensland, Australia (2000-2001).
Women in Information Technology - Queensland volunteer organisation values women who are active, enthusiastic, collaborative, professional, results oriented, open, dedicated and want to make a difference.
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