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Eunice: Quilting & Applique & Leaded Glass

Gillian: Spin & Weave

JaM: Spin & Weave

Jone: Handknit

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Katee Lee: Paintings

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Southern Cross Creations

Handmade in Far North Queensland, Australia

Gillian: Spinner, Dyer, Weaver

Gillian uses local fibres when she can and transforms wool, linen, mohair, silk, alpaca and cotton into skeins of handspun yarn. Some of her yarns get dyed and all get knitted or woven into gifts, for herself, her family and her friends. She lives in a home beyond the power lines, next to a river from which she pumps water. Gillian appears to be such a gentle soul that her courage takes me by surprise.

Handspun, handwoven linen bag
with silk lining.

Beside the bag is a small bundle
of the linen fibres as they appear before spinning.


Handspun, handwoven fabric; 100% wool; natural colours


Cotton Belts handwoven on an inkle loom.


Belts, handwoven on an inkle loom.
The natural brown and white belt is wool. The coloured belts are cotton.

Handwoven fabric; linen/silk blend.

Gentle ways....
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