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Eunice: Quilting & Applique & Leaded Glass

Gillian: Spin & Weave

JaM: Spin & Weave

Jone: Handknit

Jude: Crochet

Katee Lee: Paintings

Roy: Rocking Horses

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Southern Cross Creations

JaM: We spin, dye, weave, play.

Engaging hands and mind in creative work means that we experience
excitement, uncertainty, serenity, frustration, fulfillment
and continual evolution. Sometimes all at once.

We like working with natural fibres: wool, mohair, silk, alpaca, cotton. We use other fibres, too. And we play with digital imagery.

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Tablet woven belts
in perle cotton

Quechquemitl, handwoven
from handspun black alpaca 2ply yarn
with edge stripes of tussah silk.

Handwoven tea towels.
Cottolin (50/50 cotton/linen)

Handwoven zgat bag.
Rayon chenille
with handspun alpaca divider

Lace scarf
handspun, handknit
50/50 kid mohair/merino


Handspun wool yarn.

Playing with my food

River Valley Dreams

Remote, Rural Queensland

Australian Colours Collage


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