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25 April 2004

Jackson Browne Concert
Kuranda Amphitheatre
10 April 2004

Near the end of February an email from Rosie, who lives on the rim of the Grand Canyon, revealed that Jackson Browne would be playing at the Kuranda Amphitheatre near Cairns in April. The tendrils of the grapevine reach many corners of the world.

She continued: "I hope you do go see Jackson Browne - he's so damn good. ... I think he's on an acoustic-only tour, actually. So many good songs that you forget he was the one who wrote it until he sings it. He wrote songs made famous by others, as well."

Sometimes Heaven smiles. Friends offered tickets. You beauty.

Passionfruit vines have tendrils, too.

Scattered showers on April 10, the day of the concert.

Late that day and coming from different directions, three cars carried eight friends toward Kuranda and the amphitheatre. After initial confusion about street names and the meeting place, two cars linked up as daylight began to fade. We learned that the third car was *on the way* with the tickets (oh no, that's Bear's car). Staying optimistic, the two cars forged ahead through Kuranda's back streets to find the amphitheatre. Parking attendants with flashlights waved cars into a grassy lot where 4WDs took the soggier sections.

Wearing raincoats, carrying chairs and umbrellas, people squished through grass and mud to the paved pathway to join a line waiting to get into the amphitheatre. Good-natured and smiling, everyone wanted to be there.

let it rain.....

We soon reached the front of the line, but having no tickets, stepped to one side, into the mud. It started raining again. Our small, collapsible umbrellas were not quite big enough. Now, the rule is: if you arrange to meet Bear somewhere, make it somewhere you can enjoy the wait. The rain and mud suggested an err in judgment, but the company was very good and the staff tolerant. Time to enjoy the ones you're with. A mobile phone call told us that Bear's car was now in Kuranda.

We didn't wait long. Bear appeared, the tickets got sorted, we got in and looked for a place to set up our chairs. The amphitheatre has gentle, grassy terraces. The stage is covered. Bring your own seating. The sky cleared and Venus beamed. We settled in, switching to a bigger umbrella.

Queen of the Night

Renee Geyer, with a wonderful deep, smoky, bluesy voice, opened the concert. Her latest album, "Tenderland", released in 2003 and gone gold! She was accompanied by keyboardist and bass player. The latter played bass with Daddy Cool (remember Eagle Rock?). Keep them coming, Kuranda!

Scattered showers ignored, Jackson Browne appeared with his rack of many guitars and keyboard. Sucht a warm performer. You feel like you're a treasured guest in his home. Besides connecting with his audience through his vast array of original songs (so many familiar ones), he expresses a charming vulnerability through his reminiscences and the verbal exchanges he has with the audience.

The audience.... damply gathered at the foot of the stage or draped with plastic while reclining on grassy terraces, determined to hear good music. What's a little rain in rainforest country? Each shower sent a gentle ripple through the audience: putting on hats, pulling up hoods, opening umbrellas. The movement and the rounded, wet shapes appearing and disappearing like the gentle action of sea anemones, responsive to the water flow. Finding nourishment for the soul. And demanding an encore. Come back, Jackson Browne and Renee Geyer!

Walsh River sundews. Drosera, about 5cm (2 inches) across.


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