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25 October 2003

toe control of Ashford electric spinnerHere I am, relaxed, feet up, as I spin wool yarn on an Ashford electric spinner. I can control the on/off switch with my big toe, leaving my hands free to pinch and draft wool. That's called using your digits creatively!

Marijke, a member of the Walsh River community, paints pieces of wood she finds in the Bush. The colours she uses entrance me. Below is one of her creations:

Marijke paints found wood

bead ruler

I've been away from home. I had an unexpected adventure in Cairns:

I forgot to bring some of my packed clothes when I left home (on the Tablelands) and needed a cool top or two for the Cairns heat. My daughter and I dashed into K-Mart only 1/2 hour before closing time. We zipped through racks of clothing, grabbed a few items and headed to the dressing rooms. The young woman in charge waved us through when we slowed down for her permission. We whipped clothes on and off, paraded in front of the hall mirror, laughing and talking and happy to find garments that fit.

The store lights dimmed briefly, then an announcement asked shoppers to finalise their purchases. We dressed in our own clothes and gathered up our selections. Emerging from the dressing rooms, we headed straight for checkout. Our steps slowed when we saw, just beyond checkout, the metal doors had been pulled down over the entrance and there was not a single person in sight. We looked at one another. We were locked in. Ever felt trapped in a movie???

"No way!" we chuckled nervously. "Hello?" we called, again and again. "Hello? Hello?" We set off in different directions, hoping to find someone in this vast, silent store. "Hello?" I began to consider the consequences.... and hoped my daughter had her cell phone.

Then two young women appeared out of the darkness at the far end of the store. They were just leaving and looked very surprised to see us. "What are you doing here???" they asked incredulously. They found a manager, also incredulous. I don't know who was more embarrassed, them or us. He helped us leave our selected items in no deposit Lay-By as all the cash registers were closed and after all this, we still wanted our selections. Then he let us out the side door along with those two young women.

Free again, my daughter told me that her cellphone doesn't work in K-Mart. She hadn't mentioned that earlier, she doesn't like to worry me, she says....

butterfly ruler

It's so true: There's No Place Like Home! Below are some pix of home, before and after replacing the termite infested section of the roof.

kitchen with old roof


Kitchen area BEFORE removing the old, wooden roof.
kitchen without roof



Kitchen area AFTER the roof was removed.
steel beams for new roof



Kitchen area with steel roof beams in place.
roof installed, ceiling begun




Kitchen area with new roof installed. Jerry is working on the ceiling now. As you might guess, this is still a Construction Zone, not a kitchen....


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