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Caleb Zaicz


When approached for this interview, the shy and retiring Caleb Zaicz blushed profusely but in his usual community spirited way, agreed to allow the public a glimpse of the private person.

This 18 year old is quickly recognised by the community as the youngest son of old-timer Simon Zaicz, long time resident of the Walsh and refugee from the music scene - and brother of Beau (aka the Quiet One).

Along with girlfriend Elle, Caleb has settled short-term in Herberton, having deferred for a year from the Victoria Photography Studies College.

"I was born in Melbourne - a home-birth because Beau was so much trouble," says Caleb. Early years of schooling under mother's watchful eye at Mornington Peninsula, subsequently saw the talented Mr. Zaicz complete high school in Atherton, where the school still stands today.

"I came up here when I was 12 - at that stage it's where you need a father figure. But at 17 I thought it time to move south, to see what I wanted to do in Victoria," he said.

With his good looks making him an obvious candidate for a role in front of the lens, the modest Caleb's ambition is to become a photo-journalist and work on the other side of the camera. He's prepared to leave the opportunities of fame and fortune behind and apply himself to three years of intensive study. His dedication to bringing the truth to the world is already underway - Caleb's first article will be on the Walsh River.

"I've learned from the whole experience on the Walsh River, I've learned to accept myself as an individual and I think communication is one of my greatest skills. I can talk to anyone - from the kids around here, even to people twenty years older than me." (That's an elderly 38.)

Caleb says "my Dad's my best friend. I don't see enough of him. He's a strange person but really loveable. He's a caring dude."

Behind the quiet, homely image he shows to the outside world you might be surprised to find there's another side to this very private person. Let Caleb tell you in his own words:

"I'm loud and I'm a lot of fun."

Readers, I bet you find that hard to believe.

Photo by Bear
Valley Vibe Interview by Eunice

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