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My husband Jerry and I are partners in JaMworks. We specialise in multimedia development with local content, Internet and educational matters, and sustainable living concerns. This CV reflects the past as our current activities are represented on the JaMworks web site.

Naturalised Australian Citizen - In 1987 we immigrated to Australia and have lived in a solar powered house in the bush of Far North Queensland for the past twelve years. We became Australian citizens in 1990.

UC Berkeley, California, USA: Chemistry, 1960-64
Lone Mountain College, SF, California, USA: Video, 1977
College of Marin, California, USA: Biology, 1985-86
Virtual Online University: Online Curriculum Strategies, 1995

1998: J&M Jeffress production of CDrom: A Celebration of Rural Life. Funded by PCAP Northern, the CD focuses on two remote rural communities in Far North Queensland and provides local information in the form of images, sound, video and text with the intention of attracting professionals such as teachers, medical personnel, and police for the community. We collected all local information for the CD using a digital videocamera for interviews, events as well as digital still images. Post-production work included digital editing of: video, sound and still images. We used current compression techniques which enabled us to include many short videos (360x270 pixels) on the CDrom. All post-production work was done on a Pentium II computer in our solar powered home.

1997: J&M Jeffress production of: How to Create a Digital Publication. This book (hard copy) features the digital publishing experiences of two remote, rural schools in Far North Queensland to detail the process of digital publication. Colour illustrated. We also published World Wide Web pages for one of the schools: a collection of stories written and illustrated by students. May be viewed at here.

I also maintained web pages for BushScene Teen Magazine, an interactive online magazine initiated by students and staff at Herberton State Secondary School.

1995-1996: Using a variety of computer programs (SuccessMaker, Phonics Alive, plus an introduction to word processing and computer graphics), I worked with local primary students for the purpose of increasing literacy and numeracy skills as well as enhancing pupil self-esteem. I published a hard copy newsletter featuring work of students in the school's Learning Support Program. The series of newsletters was also published digitally on the World Wide Web.

With the support of the local principal and Learning Support Teacher, I organised ETRACKS, a collaborative internet project for local primary students as well as primary students in Canada and Norway. My husband Jerry did the hard part: he ran the popular sessions for local students who learned to create web pages, write email and communicate digitally in real time in a moo (multi-object-oriented environment). ETRACKS has been listed in: Internet for Busy Educators.

1987-1994: In the latter part of this period, I developed skills in using Internet. I was a co-presenter in Internet Roadshow which toured North Queensland schools and led to the creation of Bushnet, the first network of internet connected schools in Far North Queensland.

The earlier times of this period involved adjusting to our new life in Australia: living "off the grid" and being responsible for our own provision of electricity, water and other amenities. My work included: design and creation of silver jewellery and development of series of colour prints of unique Australian animals. I spent time investigating natural Australian dyes, spinning Australian fibres (wool, Angora) and weaving. Also worked in Herberton's Wild River Gallery.

1985-86: Studies at College of Marin, California, USA.
1982-84: LucasFilm Ltd., Computer Division. Electronics technician working on state of the art audio and video editing systems. Worked briefly with Leslie Shatz, sound editor on the film "Mishima".
1981-82: American Zoetrope. Industrial Light and Magic, LucasFilm: electronics technician working on state of the art motion control systems.
1980-67: Music industry technical work: Alembic, Grateful Dead (apprentice sound engineer to Elizabeth Cantor-Jackson), Carousel Ballroom, Furman Sound.

Celebration of Rural Life - explores two remote, rural communities in Far North Queensland.

Books:     How to Create a Digital Publication

Movies:    Raiders of the Lost Ark;   Poltergeist

We Are An Enigma - documentary on the gypsys of Southern France
Irma Thomas at the Palms - live performance in San Francisco
Use of Force - training video for San Francisco Police Academy