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Turtle tile at Milbi WallA Celebration of Rural Life on CDrom has been created to promote the positive aspects of working and living in remote, rural locations with the intention of attracting and retaining professional people for communities in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Croydon Gulflander points detailA treasure trove of information, the CDrom provides an interactive environment for exploring two remote, rural Queensland communities: Cooktown and Croydon

Amongst a variety of choices, you may, for example:

  • See and listen to interviews with community members.
  • Explore local maps; read directions for getting there; find out what services are available.
  • Watch Croydon’s restored Gold Stamper in operation.
  • Enjoy original poetry and music.
  • Check out youth activities.
  • Catch Opening Day Ceremony’s for Cooktown’s Milbi Wall, a Reconciliation Project (1998).

Croydon student tileThe CDrom demonstrates that communities can gather, archive and publish local information in an entertaining manner using affordable digital media tools and skills. Production companies can be small, local and sensitive to local knowledge. Skills can be acquired that enhance a community’s ability to survive in tomorrow’s world, to take charge of the community’s image as well as to preserve and pass along valuable information for future generations.

gecko A CDrom is capable of holding information equivalent to an entire encyclopedia (and weighs a lot less) or 600 high quality photos or 60 minutes of video or a combination of these as we chose to use in Celebration of Rural Life. CDroms can be replicated inexpensively in small quantities for niche markets.

Current technology provides affordable and challenging opportunities for local communities.