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Information on organ donation and transplantation

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Visit with Dave and Dru


We went to Salt Lake City area to visit our dear friends, Dave and Dru. Dave had his liver transplant about a month ago and is recuperating currently at the House of Hope and Healing. They are required by the transplant team to remain close to the hospital for about 3 months following the surgery so medications can be adjusted as needed based on frequent blood tests. He is doing GREAT!! Thank all of you for your prayers and support through this trial in their lives. Even when they are able to return home, they will be restricted from crowds and to visits somewhat for about a year. This, because there is a risk of picking up illnesses or infections because of the medications used to prevent rejection of his new liver. We had a wonderful visit with them and took a short trip to Alta up in the Little Cottonwood Canyon. The day was beautiful with fluffy white clouds against the blue sky, bright green grass admidst darker green trees, and white patches of snow left over from last winter. Sometime we would like to go back to hike along some trails that went up and over the mountain. For those of you who know Dave, look at the first picture below - he looks better than he has in a couple of years. The fish pond is located at the House of Hope and Healing. The baby birds were in a mud nest built in the overhang of the roof to the bait house at the pond. The house is a picture of the House of Hope and Healing. It is leased by a couple who let people who have had transplants stay there for a nominal cost. What a wonderful service they provide. It is close enough to the hospital to satisfy the transplant team. Other than Dave, the others were heart transplant patients. Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.

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