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Ice Skating (Colorado May 2008)


On our last trip to Colorado we took the grandchildren ice skating. It was amazing how much their ice skating had improved since June when we took them last time. All ended up skating away from the edge and tried jumps (without twists, of course). There was progress in skating backwards and beginning spins as well. If I had to give awards, they would be as follows:

Most Improved: Sarah - she was able to skate all over the rink by herself

Fastest: Lizzy - once she tightened up her boots, there was no stopping her

Most Graceful: Lexi - she could really glide on those skates, seemingly effortlessly

Most Determined: Emma - she worked at it and worked at it until she could do it

Most Caring and Encouraging: Maya - she spent almost the whole session selflessly helping Emma learn to skate

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