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The grandkids finally were well enough to go on a trip today. . We went to Red Cliff's State Park and took a hike along the stream. It was nice and warm today, almost 70, but not quite. It looks like spring might come soon. The trees are beginning to bud, there was no ice in the gutters this morning, and it was too warm to walk around with a sweatshirt on. These are the pics from Red Cliff's. Click on any of the thumbs to see a larger version. Descriptions of the pics are on the page with the large pics. You can scroll through the large pics by clicking next on each page. Enjoy. We enjoyed our day. I had to thank John one more time for bringing me home and giving me the chance to be as normal as I could be. I sure enjoyed the outing today - it was joyous, beautiful and fun! I'm sure counting my many blessings!