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Meet Ann's family . . .
Henry (Hank), Ann's father, grew up in Rhode Island and lived there through college and marriage. During the great depression they moved to California to gain employment. He enrolled in optometry school there and became an optometrist. He worked for other optometrists and had a practice of his own during his carreer. Many family trips were to Rhode Island to visit family and to Yosemite and Sequoia for camping. He always loved the ocean, sail boats and light houses. After retirement, he and his wife traveled a good deal in their RV, all over the US and Canada.
Ann's mother was Olive. She also grew up in Rhode Island near the 'shore' as she always called it. She enjoyed boating in the family skiff, 'quahogging' and swimming. She graduated from Pembroke University with a BS in Science, then married. Her carreer was to raise 4 of the 5 children to whom she gave birth. One child, Mary Louise, Ann's twin sister, died shortly after birth. Family was everything to her, her immediate family and those who lived across the country. She went back not only for vacations, but to care for ailing parents when needed.
Barbara was the first of Hank's and Olive's children. She graduated with a degree in home economics and had a long carreer in elementary education. She always had a love for children and found fun activities to enable them to learn. She loves animals and often had pet frogs, turtles, and one dog, Princess. She and her husband found her as a puppy wondering in a parking lot and adopted her.
Frank came next. As a child he enjoyed sports such as basketball, baseball, swimming and diving. He especially liked to go to Catalina for summer camp where he could snorkel and go spear fishing. He probably didn't like it much, but Ann often tagged along and learned to play basketball and baseball from him. After graduation from college he had a few jobs before moving to Washington where he enjoyed doing a little farming before going to seminary to become an Episcopal priest. After serving as priest in Washington, Hawaii, and Nevada, he returned to the state he loves best, Washington.
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Ann was the fourth child, coming about ten minutes after her twin sister who died shortly after birth. She often wonders what her life would have been like had Mary Louise lived. Different, she's sure, but how? She graduated with a BS in Nursing and worked as a nurse for thirty-five years, at times on a part-time basis (when the children came along). She and her husband have two daughters and six grandchildren. Family is everything to her and she loves having a good time with her grandchildren. Since retirement she has continued to serve in the Church and served a mission with her husband in Arkansas. They loved their experience there and hope to go on another mission.
Tom was the baby of the family. He often seemed to get stuck being dragged along to his siblings' activities. He got as excited about the high school football games as did Frank and Ann. Vicariously, they were his teams as well. He was very active in scouting as a child and loved anything to do with the forest. His family frequently went camping for vacations in national parks and he always fancied himself as a forest ranger. He also enjoyed swimming. Tom married after graduation from college and had one son.

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